prospective customer

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Early the next morning my prospective customer appeared.
In order to successfully achieve the objectives of the PMYBL scheme NBP is taking a proactive approach in targeting the prospective customer base.
Not having to answer too many questions is not necessarily enough to keep a prospective customer online, Rohde said.
Identifying Opportunities and Vulnerabilities--Having made a relatively simple comparative analysis of a customer's or prospect's expectations and level(s) of possible dissatisfaction, an investment caster can specifically identify what is important to the prospective customer.
If the potential customer knows only his/her dhr number, the bank will print the prospective customer s e-dhr letter in the bank directly from the UIDAI portal; or adopt e-KYC (know-your-customer) procedure.
The campaign primarily targeted prospective customers in the retail and healthcare industries.
Whereas prospective customers are required to provide the relevant information applicable to them, existing customers are to regularly update their records in line with the formats," the local media Tuesday quoted Bank official Kevin Amugo as saying.
The objective of this partnership is to make it easier for these electrical contractors to reach prospective customers by making its Web site easier to find.
The collaboration is aimed at offering retail financing facilities to Toyota's prospective customers.

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