prospective customer

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Early the next morning my prospective customer appeared.
Not having to answer too many questions is not necessarily enough to keep a prospective customer online, Rohde said.
They said that the prospective customer was indeed in distress, but will be fine thanks to the quick thinking and follow-through of The Signature Group's telephone sales personnel.
Identifying Opportunities and Vulnerabilities--Having made a relatively simple comparative analysis of a customer's or prospect's expectations and level(s) of possible dissatisfaction, an investment caster can specifically identify what is important to the prospective customer.
If the potential customer knows only his/her dhr number, the bank will print the prospective customer s e-dhr letter in the bank directly from the UIDAI portal; or adopt e-KYC (know-your-customer) procedure.
UMC also acquired the rights to all prospective customer contracts which are in the IHS sales pipeline.
One to One Interactive (OTO), a nationally ranked digital marketing services firm that specializes in connecting leading companies with customers via digital channels, today announced that the firm has partnered with Bentley College's Design & Usability Center for a variety of projects including prospective customer research for clients and website redesign and effectiveness.
The campaign primarily targeted prospective customers in the retail and healthcare industries.
The collaboration is aimed at offering retail financing facilities to Toyota's prospective customers.
In New Delhi, the prospective customers of Nano thronged the Tata showrooms in hundreds.
More than 75% of prospective customers get in touch with a branch first and then move on to other delivery channels.
The campaign targeted prospective customers and current customers without checking accounts The direct mail piece generated close to 5,000 new checking accounts.

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