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Now Bright Ideas Trust has unveiled its new, entrepreneurial programme, Prosperitas, in the region after receiving a PS25,000 grant from Sage Foundation.
"Over the next few months, we will be working to identify ambitious young people from across the region who are interested in joining Prosperitas. We will also be reaching out to experienced entrepreneurs as we look to develop a network of mentors who will help to guide the programme's young people through the start-up stage of business."
References to business that must be discharged ("negoscio peracto beneque expleto") indicate that these journeys had a commercial rather than personal or devotional purpose, an implication strengthened by the inclusion of "prosperitas" among the desired ends of the prayer.
Vestris in manibus, mei cives, potius quam meis, est aut prosperitas aut casus ultimus cursus nostri.
The Cityscape Latin America 2011 speakers list also include representatives of Hyatt Hotels Corp., CLB Prosperitas Investments, General Motors do Brasil, CVC, Cyrela Commercial Properties, Cyrela Brazil Realty, Abrasce, Brookfield Incorporation, Rodobens, GWI Real Estate, The Accor Group, Cibrasec, Banesprev, BM Sua Casa, J.
(268.) See Carlyle Rogers, The Case for International Tax Competition: A Caribbean Perspective, 2 PROSPERITAS 1 (April 2002) (stating low tax jurisdictions "forced to emasculate financial privacy laws so that high-tax nations can impose their oppressive tax burdens on income earned in low-tax economies"); see also Tsilly Dagan, The Costs of International Tax Cooperation, in The Welfare State, Globalization and International Law 49, 76 (Eyal Benvenisti & Georg Nolte eds., 2004).
Partner, Prosperitas Capital Partners, Chairman of Endeavor Uruguay)
Policies with American Tax Dollars, 6 PROSPERITAS 1 (Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation, 2006).
Maximo Pinheiro Lima Netto - Managing Director at Prosperitas - the market leader in managing real estate private equity and debt funds.
Prosperitas Group LLC Bloomfield Hills (248) 540-5777