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At the meeting, responsible officials were assigned appropriate tasks on timely and qualitative implementation of Prosperous village and Prosperous neighborhood programs, the elimination of existing problems.
"I look forward to continue cooperation in our shared efforts to develop peaceful, prosperous and democratic South Caucasus," President Donald Trump added.
This is the highest increase in the business of shares since the last two days, time is not far when country's economy will get stronger and nation will become prosperous.
'Our aim is to build Bangladesh as a prosperous, developed and peaceful country in South Asia.
'This initiative involves all levels of society and agency to ensure Taiping remains clean, sustainable and prosperous,' he said, adding the initiative showed MPT was committed in tackling issues related to the city's cleanliness.
The well-wishers congratulated HM the King on the national milestone, taking pride in Bahrain's political, economic, cultural, social and educational strides in the royal prosperous era, which ranked Bahrain an advanced standing among states.
RAWALPINDI: Director General (DG) of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor on Monday termed 2019 a year of progress", in pursuit for a peaceful, prosperous and vibrant Pakistan.
New Year...New ambitions....And a firm faith that we are capable of achieving the impossible...A happy and prosperous New Year to the UAE, Arab world and the entire humanity.
The same holds true for nations like South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia which today are prosperous countries.
The march of development, developmental plans and modernization launched during his prosperous reign within the framework of a comprehensive national vision aiming at building a bright present and prosperous future for this blessed country and its loyal people".
Anyone who desires to become prosperous can attain it.