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Because it is not possible to assess wear radiographically, the levels of metals in serum (Table 1) are used as part of the evaluation of the functional condition of prosthetic implants and decisions regarding revision surgery.
The elderly man, who had been imprisoned for 3 years 25-30 years previously, sought a penile prosthetic implant --an alternative to treatments for ED when drugs have failed.
As it is known that the prosthetic implant used in hip replacements consists of three parts: the acetabular cup, the femoral component and the articular surface.
Carvable silicone rubber prosthetic implant for atrophy of the first web in the hand.
Considering the gravity of the medical consequences of prosthetic implant loosening, we question the philosophy of the device-bone interface adopted from the total joint replacement procedure.
When the Prosthetic Implant Division, which produces hip and knee prostheses, developed a hip screw manufacturing cell, it realized unqualified success.
When neurosurgeons and maxillofacial or plastic surgeons need to construct a head or cranial prosthetic implant for a patient suffering from an injury to the skull resulting from severe trauma (auto accidents, for example) or from large areas of surgical bone removal that are not patchable by bone implants or grafts, they first make an external mold of the target region from silicon and plaster.
Minneapolis, and computed tomography (CT) data assembled by prosthetic implant maker Biomet Inc.
Musculoskeletal Laboratory opened a clinical trial to study Apatone-B([R]) for patients with a chronically painful joint as a result of a cellular response to a prosthetic implant.
DSF (also known as Osseo-Integration) involves inserting a titanium prosthetic implant directly into the bone, removing socket-based technology.
Recent Technological Developments II-27 Innovative Joint Prosthesis Developed II-27 US-Based Inventor Designs New Knee Prosthesis II-27 US Inventors Develop New Modular Prosthetic Knee System II-27 Californian Inventor Develops Orthopedic Implant Surface Configuration II-27 Indiana Inventor Designs New Prosthetic Implant II-27 New Orthopedic Implant Application Method Developed II-27 US-Based Inventors Develops Stem Extension for Leg and Knee Implants II-28 US-Based Inventor Develops New Prosthesis Hip Implant II-28
An example of Zimmer Biomet's investment into more customized options is its Gender Solutions suite of prosthetic implants, which have shapes and sizes that are tailored based on gender.