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The incorrect prosthetic restorations (due to the dental and periodontal pain, the morphological modifications, the lack of the contact point, the inefficient mastication, the dental interferences, the pathological mobility) cause the installation of the exclusively unilateral mastication avoiding the mastication on the hemyarcade with the maladapted prosthetic restoration.
By understanding the prosthetic risk factor etiopathogenic mechanisms in periodontal disease are clarified some of the ways of obtaining a favorable prognosis prosthetic restoration.
As proper margins and embrasures with proper occlusion were respected during the fabrication of the prosthesis, the main concern following prosthetic restoration was proper home care, including brushing and flossing.
With the application of different variants of the load on the implants in the bone tissue, the resulting pattern shows that prosthetic restorations experience a greater degree of tensile stress.
It showed that prosthetic restorations experience a greater degree of compressive stress.
Prosthetic rehabilitation comprises the restoration of stomatoghnatic system's once lost functions, and one of the main conditions defining the success of prosthetic treatment is following the rules for oral cavity hygiene and that of prosthetic restorations [1].
The strength of a complete cast crown is superior to that of other prosthetic restorations.
It has been followed underlining the existence of iatrogenic factors, periodontal status, appreciation of fixed prosthetic restorations quality correlated to the marginal periodontium, correlation between the clinical aspects and the x-rays (retroalveolar x-rays, OPT) in order to realise the shape, degree of osseous periodontium disorder and clear up the etiopathological aspects.
It is important to consider the advantages and limitations of the screw-retained versus cemented prosthetic restorations.