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Through functional imaging, studies have depicted extensive emotion-relevant brain networks involved in emotion processing in human subjects, regions of which include traditional visual cortices (e.g., the face-selective fusiform gyrus, superior temporal gyrus) [7-10], amygdala [11-13], orbitofrontal cortex [9, 14, 15], right frontal-parietal cortices [9, 16], somatosensory related cortices (i.e., insula cortex) [17, 18], and basal ganglia [19-21] and maybe auditory cortices for processing emotion-related prosy [22, 23].
or ?LO??, but all possible candidates--CRONY, PROSY, PROXY, GLORY, BLOWY--have double crashes with one or more words on the list.
Carol Houlihan Flynn, in her essay on Austen's letters, notes that "Miss Bates's monologues, stuffed with roast pork and baked apples, chimneys that want sweeping, spectacles that need mending, sound suspiciously like her creator's own prosy, rambling letters" (101).
This is a very common syntactical strategy in black oratory and letters, albeit constructed in Father Comes Home from the Wars as cadences of prosy self-consciously embroidered with snippets of the vernacular speech which amounts to word-play, rather than word-smithing.
Kumin's verse could seem prosy at times, naturally enough given her profound interest in novels.
Nefedov, "Prodovol'stvennoe potreblenie sovetskikh trudiashchikhsia v 1930-e gg.," Vo prosy istorii, no.
Activos [At.sub.k] Son los activos totales totales en pesos de la compania en el balance general, tomada como prosy para explicar su tamano.
CSA proxy at CSA prosy at baseline is baseline: savings positively related account opened at a (OR=1.339).
He comes to this internal awakening through imagining Sir Asher carefully enacting Jewish rituals: "There came to him a touch of new and artistic interest in this prosy, provincial ex-M.P., who, environed by powdered footmen, sat at the end of his glittering dinner-table uttering the language of the ancient prophets" (109).
Her goodness was above the prosy morals of the husband-seeker (...) Sorrow lay lightly around her, and when Amory found her in Philadelphia he thought her steely blue eyes held only happiness; a latent strength, a realism, was brought to its fullest development by the facts that she was compelled to face.
The ruined poem asks us to remember the lost whole, and by the end of the poem, despite all the prosy language--those etcs, the litotes ('my tidier lines'), the cliches ('the point is'), and all that humble conversationalism--we still know nothing about how the poem got written; it remains a secret, a message in a bottle carefully addressed to no one.
The initial capis distracting, drawing unwonted attention to the modest conjunction,and heightening the impression that "feared," which wouldhave seemed like semi-automatic parallelism if paired with"reviled" in the previous line, is slightly out of place,as though betraying emotion buried beneath the prosy detachment.