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Second, this article presents the comparison of the movement or fluctuations in industrial production indices and chemical production indices that aid in determining if production in the chemical industry can he used as a prosy for total production in an economy.
In a letter to Ballantyne, his printer, Scott exclaims, "I'm done, thank God, with the long yarns of the most prosy of Apostles--Paul.
At such times, the prosy style that predominates in Greensward gives way to the syntactically complex, disjunctive mode typical of her previous collections of verse:
A kind of loose prosy manner," he says of these lines, "that is like the papier-mache verse of Prevert or Ferlinghetti.
Use of census-based aggregate variables to prosy for socioeconomic group: evidence from national samples.
drops this rather prosy detail, and in doing so leaves open the
November's seemingly simple style of prosy narrative ending in surprise and delight that lives up to high-class poetic theory such as in William Empson's landmark book, The Seven Types of Ambiguity, that made a sensation more than a half century ago among literary critics and lovers of poetry.
Oh for Circe and a handful of wax to plug my ears against the daily drivel of those prosy politicians
Just as Fauset's depiction of wandering is tinged with doubt, Angela and Anthony's hybrid home is not as secure as the prosy hominess of old.
Even the terseness of the style presents a favourable contrast to the broad, almost prosy manner in which generally Kafir and Negro stories run, with their frequent repetitions.
Bidart's poem is difficult, prosy, abstract, and somber, some nay-sayers grumbled.
The five nominees, subject to City Council confirmation, are Sylvia Drew Ivie, a poverty and civil-rights attorney; Yolanda Vega, director of LA Health Action; John Perez, past president of United Teachers Los Angeles; Margaret Leal-Sotelo, a lifetime health policy and labor advocate; and attorney Prosy Abarquez-Delacruz.