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That is, adherence to the principles of independence and anti-imperialism, opposition to monopolies and promotion of wide participation, state protagonism and ethical education as the key to popular emancipation and social development.
It could be argued that one man's greatest pyrrhic victories is to have left the childish/animal realm of conscious attention and responsiveness to the present in favor of a realm of dominating protagonisms and manipulations that is both powerful and fragile (susceptible to the anxiety of humiliation and decay).
The film's action revolves around the Captain (Fosco Giachetti), whose protagonism and exemplary behavior mark him as the positive male model in the film.
According to Funes, this has given farmers the liberating feeling of being owners of the land they work by giving them real protagonism in decision-making processes, which has resulted in increased productivity.
The potentialities of cyberspace for the promotion of indigenous protagonism create challenges for these Brazilian organizations.
10'-111)--Utnapistim Sargon, and Nur-Dagan--reflect protagonism in the Gilgames and Sar Tamhari epics, texts studied for their ideas on kingship in the context of the first-millennium elementary school curriculum in Babylon (see P.
From this line of research, television, as a socialisation agent with an indisputable protagonism in the routines of children [3], does not act in a vacuum and cannot be studied in isolation.
2013) The Role of South-South Cooperation in Brazilian Regional Leadership and Global Protagonism.
The discussion undertaken in this article should therefore provide the basis for the construction of healthcare actions guided by the perspective of Integrality and Humanization, which allow the protagonism of those involved in the oncological treatment.
These characteristics reflect a strong orientation in bullies towards dominating others, thus achieving the power and protagonism they find it difficult to obtain by other means.
The genre novel, which arose in the 18th-century tied to political and economic changes that gave greater protagonism to the growing middle classes, has continued to suffer multiple and repeated changes in thematic and formal aspects.
This protagonism, however, was for too long ignored.