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The term protean initially introduced by Hall ( 1976), the word protean is derived from the Latin word proteus, protean is defined as a great individual ability to make an adaptation in dealing with uncertainty (Briscoe & Hall, 2006).
Protean Electric is the recognised leader in in-wheel motor, and its business mission aligns well with Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area.
Cooke, who reports and writes on supply chain trends, best practices, and industry developments, explains how businesses can develop protean supply chains that adapt quickly to changing events to ensure continued profitability.
Protean Electric has been making in-wheel motors since 2005.
Both the Protean Drive system and dynamometers are separately controlled via controller area networks (CAN), and during testing data is obtained from inputs including multiple CAN channels, temperatures, pressures, voltages, currents and digital inputs.
Brockmann suggests that Stockton's protean quality resulted not from his being unfixed or unstable, but rather from a continual pursuit of glory and honor by any means.
Consequently more and more challenges are arising for rapid adoption of new technologies, accelerated pace of product development and marketing strategies and thereby resulting in revenue leaks due to protean behaviour of real-life systems.
Rather than trying to impose some illusory common culture, national heritage, or shared economic interest on the protean stuff that is our humanity, our task is to celebrate an expanding democratic pluralism.
Because clinical manifestations are protean, the illness is difficult to diagnose, and cutaneous Burkholderia pseudomallei infections can progress to necrotizing fasciitis.
The new iBaan Decision Manager Template for Protean is part of Baan's iBaan Business Intelligence Suite.