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6KDa trypsin-cymotrypsin protease inhibitor isolated from the tubers of potato has been found to possess a strong antimicrobial activity against many pathogenic microbial strains (Kim et al.
People who had tried earlier antiretroviral combinations controlled HIV better with Prezista/Norvir (darunavir/ritonavir) than with Kaletra (lopinavir/ ritonavir) in a large trial comparing these two protease inhibitors.
Starting in 1996, several studies and cohorts demonstrated dramatic decreases in mortality and opportunistic infections with the widespread availability of the protease inhibitors.
Nelfinavir was the protease inhibitor used by 92% of women.
This has hampered efforts industry-wide to screen compounds for direct activity against hepatitis C virus, especially hepatitis C virus protease inhibitors.
Although indinavir (Crixivan), ritonavir (Norvir), and nelfinavir (Viracept) may be taken by themselves, most doctors will also prescribe one or two reverse transcriptase inhibitors along with the protease inhibitor.
TB Management for Patients for Whom Protease Inhibitor Therapy Is Being Considered but Has Not Yet Been Initiated
Saquinavir, the first protease inhibitor to be approved, won its clearance in 97 days; Abbott's Norvir won its nod in 72 days.
Among the 982 failing combinations, 742 included a protease inhibitor and 225 included a nonnucleoside.
The trial was stopped because some of these volunteers had a poor antiviral response to TMC125; those in the control group, who were treated with protease inhibitors instead, did better in reducing viral load.