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They dropped deep and they tried to protect the lead, but you have to score a goal and try and get in their half," Jol added.
Blackburn keeper Frankie Fielding made a great save on 20 minutes, getting his fingertips to Valon Berisha's deflected drive to protect the lead.
Etcher was one of several ECR players that repeatedly sacrificed their body on the water-logged field to intercept passes or deflect shots, with Lindsey Forte, Sasha Scott and Erin O'Leary all doing their part to protect the lead.
Both Rachel Unitt and Becky Easton cleared off the line to protect the lead before former Everton player Amy McCann equalised at the start of the second half.
Catcher's can spin the sleeves around and wear during hitting to protect the lead elbow.
We controlled the game until the break but in the second half we got tired and made a bad mistake by trying to protect the lead.