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Dietary Supplement for lactating goats by polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich protected fat.
Effects of concentrates with different contents of protected fat rich in PUFAs on the performance of lactating Granadina goats: 1.
Protected fat and protein level interacted and EE consumption increased in the treatment with 16% CP and a reduction of lignin intake in treatment with 12% CP (p < 0.
Rumen protected fat in kline barley or corn diets for beef cattle: Digestion, physiological, and feedlot responses.
The additive contained choline, cinnamon, protected fat, stevioside, organic zinc and yeast culture.
However this study demonstrates that adding rumen protected fat is very cost-effective, particularly in the present climate of milk undersupply and accompanying milk price incentives.
Within eight months of swapping his 110-cow pedigree Holstein herd's feeding regime to a simple TMR comprising grass silage, straw and a carefully balanced concentrate containing rumen protected fat, Megalac, Derek has seen tangible benefits, at no additional cost.
2004) also observed a non significant effect on crude protein intake of buffaloes fed with varying levels of ruminally protected fat.
Feeding high C16 rumen protected fats has been shown in some instances to increase the fat percentage of milk overnight.

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