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We also talk to the staff and others about the dangers of identity theft and protecting themselves and others against it," Gude adds.
USF's security measures have been successful in protecting data, but Gude and others remain vigilant and are always looking for ways to improve data security.
For some, protecting the physical storage is an option; however, that adds a highly significant cost and the complexity of mirrored storage.
Protecting files (whether they are Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or even home directories) is easier than protecting applications.
Cloakware solutions are on more than 500 million devices, protecting the assets of some of the world's largest, most recognizable and technologically advanced companies.
Envision's solution protects customers' identities by protecting information stored in recorded calls required in quality monitoring, coaching and business intelligence applications.
Protecting sensitive financial information is required to maintain customer trust, build long-term profitable relationships and avoid costs associated with identity theft.
WASHINGTON -- CipherOptics, the leading innovator of solutions for Protecting Data in Motion(TM), today announces its participation in the Gartner IT Security Summit 2006, a premier industry event exploring solutions in security technologies, methodologies, products and services.
CipherOptics, the leading innovator of solutions for Protecting Data in Motion, has been providing best-in-breed data security solutions to a growing list of top customers including large enterprises, top financial institutions, Fortune 100 companies, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.
the leading innovator of solutions for Protecting Data in Motion(TM), has announced the debut of its Data Protection Partner Program, to help partners take advantage of the growing market in data protection so that they can grow their business and bring essential data protection solutions to their customers.
CAMBRIDGE, England -- A survey by leading IT analyst firm, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), has found that businesses need to do a better job of protecting their critical data.
For those interested in protecting corporate systems with Blink, an evaluation version is available for download on eEye's Website: http://www.

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