protection money

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I will never allow anyone to represent me or my office to extort or demand protection money from jueteng and other vices.
It's just the same as the mafia charging protection money.
This evolved into a formal strategy: a reverse boycott of businesses that publicly promised not to pay protection money.
Moira Barton is distracted from her farm |duties by Maxine, who demands more protection money to keep Adam safe
He used the example of a mafioso putting pressure on a business owner to pay protection money, first by shooting up his premises, then by kneecapping him and if the person still refuses, the mobster is 'forced' to kill him and if one has no choice, that is not considered committing a sin, the report added.
Police are also considering the possibility that the attackers were militants demanding protection money.
Three people arrested in connection with the protection money case have denied involvement, while a fourth is refusing to speak.
Another problem is the protection money we have to pay to Bedouins in the area," Salah explains, urging the Government to save this important industry.
Mardan, March 12, 2012 (Frontier Star): A gang of hooligans suddenly started firing on a person on refusing to give protection money.
One source said: "The McGoverns have an interest in several pubs in the area - either through protection money or arm's-length ownership - and this seems to be the cause of the violence.
Unfortunately, Standard owes prison protection money from his time behind bars to hoodlum Cook (James Biberi), who will hurt Irene and Benicio if the cash is not forthcoming.
Unfortunately, Standard owes prison protection money from his time behind bars to a hoodlum who will hurt his wife and son if the cash is not forthcoming.

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