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PROTECTION, merc. law, The name of a document generally given by notaries public, to sailors and other persons going abroad, in which is certified that the bearer therein named, is a citizen of the United States.

PROTECTION, government. That benefit or safety which the government affords to the citizens.

PROTECTION, Eng. law. A privilege granted by the king to a party to an action, by which he is protected from a judgment which would otherwise be rendered against him. Of these protections there are several kinds. F. N. B. 65.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The last thought that I want to leave you with: Can the World Trade Organisation succeed in eliminating all agricultural protectionist measures?
An interesting aspect of the US protectionist policy is that, it itself violates the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) being set by the US.
Trump's enactment of protectionist policies, combined with retaliatory moves by affected countries, may result in an escalation of tensions between the US and its trading partners.
He said the protectionist policy may make it tougher for Pakistani professionals to find jobs in the US while those already working may find their jobs being threatened by US nationals.
It is very important to examine how Trump's protectionist announcements could possibly affect the US-ASEAN relationship.
Indeed, the local sugar industry faces a bleak future when the Comesa protectionist regime ends in 2019.Moreover, the production chain is inefficient it takes 18 months to grow sugarcane while other countries have faster-maturing varieties that reduce operational costs.
In the 1928 election (which made Republican Herbert Hoover president), the difference between the two parties shrank as the Democrats became more protectionist.
Best states that insurance sectors in many emerging markets within the region are at different stages of development, with some open to further market liberalisation and others moving towards greater protectionist measures.
He has not run since, but will return in the Group 2 prix Kergorlay at Deauville on Sunday week before heading to Australia for the Herbert power Stakes - the two races wohler saddled protectionist in before his famous Melbourne Cup triumph under ryan Moore in 2014.
WASHINGTON -- The International Monetary Fund warned world leaders on Friday to avoid resorting to protectionist measures 'at all costs' due to the damage it would cause to their own and the global economy.
They noted that concerns over job losses and lower standards due to international trade - which have prompted US President Donald Trump to take a protectionist stance - should be tackled by"bolstering an open and fair rules-based multilateral trading system." "These concerns must be addressed, not by erecting protectionist barriers, but by making trade and investment both free and fair," they wrote.