protective covering

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The toddler pool wasn't used for awesome dives like in Esther Williams's water ballets, but to splash the audience as the performers hit the water flat (protective covering was provided for customers sitting in range).
Each character builds layer upon layer, separate strands woven together into a protective covering of their community.
This happens as the alcohol opens the protective covering of nerves, which allows the anesthetic to permeate to the area that needs it the most.
Many people seem to retreat into a protective covering of mind-numbingness: drugs, booze, anonymous sexual encounters ...
Spokesman Mr Philip Bowen said the problem was not moving the stone itself, but having enough people to lay out the protective covering on the road.
Doyle points out, "The device will be primarily used as a postoperative dressing devise for mastoidectomies, tympanomastoidectomics, and tympanoplasties, but it will also be useful after external ear surgery, as a protective covering to diminish postoperative pain.
They caused pounds 2000 of damage by slashing through a special protective covering at the outdoor pool in Perthshire.
Hairstyles, he argues, represent a great deal more than protective covering for the cranium; they are designed and engineered like buildings.
He watches his wife, who picks up one of their children from between her hind legs and rolls it the same old way in the dirt to give it protective covering. Without his skin, the centipede knows he would make a lovely meal.
When heated, the tubing conforms to the size and shape of the object, providing a protective covering. It may also be used to repair things like electrical fittings, cords and other objects that need to be protected heat, water, or corrosion.
These severe psychiatric disorders, each of which occurs in about 1 in 100 adults, rest on identical flaws in a set of genes that produce a protective covering for brain cells, a new study suggests.
So Biopure's fake blood is actually treated hemoglobin without the red blood cell's protective covering.

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