protective device

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The protective devices shall keep to the stated values of time delay within the limit of [+ or -] 20 %.
The Henry Protective Device is also in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
In the United States, OSHA requires that healthcare facilities review their programs at least annually and that they document assessments of program effectiveness--such as periodic reviews of sharps injury rates--and consideration of newly available protective technologies, like assessments of whether new protective devices would better address sharps injuries and user needs.
The Raycap product suite combines cable and fiber management solutions with the company's innovative Strikesorb([R]) Class I Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) to safeguard vulnerable remote radio and baseband unit equipment located at cell sites.
With cutting-edge functionality, this new no-cost tool helps simplify the design process of selecting overcurrent protective devices in keeping with National Electrical CodeA (NEC) requirements for selective coordination of systems that supply life safety loads and public safety, as well as for applications where up-time is important.
Subjects were stratified by protective device and airbag deployment, and surgical management was evaluated for nephrectomy.
It's meant as a protective device for their industries.
Surgery won't be necessary, but Miami's leading scorer and rebounder will have to wear a protective device in the playoffs for the second consecutive season.
The protective device structures offered must satisfy the requirements of the application approval process for vehicle restraint systems.
A visit to the doctor, to make an adjustment in a protective device in his shoe, had made him late for weight lifting and he was in a hurry.
The removable top bar unlocks via a "dimple key" -- a protective device used in casino gaming machines because the locks are virtually unpickable.
The protective device designs offered must meet the requirements of the application approval process for vehicle restraint systems.