protective device

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If a protective device fails or causes a fault, a service technician can replace it via the FAME2 plug by an interim protective device, even outside of normal working hours.
With respect to the frequency of spinal protective device use by athletes in competition, responses were distributed throughout the six potential responses (never, rarely, sometimes, often, most of the time, and all of the time) (Table 8).
Branch circuit protective devices typically fall into two categories, molded-case circuit breakers listed to UL489 or fuses listed to UL248.
A short circuit study calculates the available short circuit currents at each protective device. Even the best-designed electrical distribution systems will occasionally experience short circuits.
March 30, 1994), the court held that the pollution exclusion clause did not bar claims arising from lead exposure: "Here the failure to provide claimant with an appropriate protective device gives rise to exposure - covered by the policy and not excluded by the pollution exclusion clause.
If a surge protective device fails as a result of an overload, the integrated disconnect device closes the remote tunnel at the corresponding protective device.
South Miami, FL, June 05, 2014 --( An innovative new product designed to provide its users with an effective and potentially life-saving safety device, the Henry Protective Device, has been developed by Shirley Henry of Detroit, Michigan.
Nonprofit health services research agency ECRI recommends that healthcare facilities review sharps injuries on at least a monthly basis after implementing any new program or changing an existing one (e.g., when changing to a new model of protective device).
Morin has observed some species that use this protective device but do not use the light to attract mates.
If both cancer cells and malaria parasitesuse the same protective device, researchers might be able to apply what they know about the cancer system to the problem of malaria drug resistance, according to the investigators.
Protective device made of steel at the outer edge of the road between the AS Dossenheim and AS Ladenburg in FR Nord; Version in construction mode 4
Contract notice: a28 / a31 renewal protective device 2nd ba