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Following a recent tour of NICCU, Griffith was moved to purchase the equipment, which is widely used to support the development of newborns by providing a temperature-controlled and protective environment.
5 million euros to "contribute toward increased access to inclusive, quality education, a protective environment and positive youth engagement opportunities for 200,000 Syrian and Turkish children and youth.
These habitats will not only help bees and other pollinators thrive, they'll also provide a protective environment for wildlife.
Every victim of domestic abuse or violence must be encouraged to speak up so they can get prompt redressal and one of the most effective ways of doing this is by setting up a safe and protective environment for them away from their home, where they can seek refuge and gather the courage to speak up and be heard.
UNHCR will continue to maintain an active presence in Jalozai camp and cooperate with governmental institutions and other humanitarian agencies to reinforce the protective environment inside the camp.
Dubai Cares will continue to identify and explore areas in which we can help bring the Haitian children back to the protective environment of school, the statement said.
For plants that have been nurtured in a glasshouse or other protective environment, it is not wise to rush the hardening off process as one cold, wet night outdoors could ruin months of loving care s now have been grown in very sheltered conditions under s 2 Divide and conquer - now that many spring plants have given us a wonderful display, it is time to thing about lifting, dividing and replanting them - Pulmonarias and Primulas are two that really respond to this treatment BLOOMING: Hawthorn Blossom, a stunning herald of spring but also an indicator of warmer weather on the cards
But the director of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Southern Sudan, Peter Crowley, ultimately voiced praise for the legislation, calling it "a major milestone in creating a protective environment in which children can enjoy their rights to health, education and other basic services, to access information, to express their views, and to be protected from abuse, neglect, exploitation and harm.
Debbie explains that children go from a very protective environment in primary school to a place where they've got to find their own way around and be responsible for themselves and their belongings.
In the end it was a very protective environment, it was very choreographed.
Neurolac is an FDA class II device that is a bioresorbable tube sutured to both ends of the transected nerve and guides the outgoing nerve in a protective environment.