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Unicef is urging the government in Syria to ensure that the new school year, which started on September 18, takes place within a safe and protective environment for children and adolescents.
A child stays inside the womb and is nurtured in a protective environment, without any external source of air, water or food.
HydroFix Ortho Shield is a permanent protective sheet that minimizes soft tissue attachments to the device holding a protective environment for the repaired tendon to heal.
HEPA filters are specified in Table 6-1, "Minimum Filter Efficiencies" for protective environment rooms.
The properties and values of moss on a worldwide scale are exceptional, helping to absorb and store some of the excesses of the world's carbon dioxide, stabilising hillsides and so helping to reduce soil erosion, providing a home for many other plants including ferns and orchids, helping to maintain some atmospheric humidity in drier areas of the world, providing an important nesting material for many birds and animals and providing a protective environment for many different invertebrates.
PROTECTIVE ENVIRONMENT NETPark incubator lets businesses grow until they need bigger premises
Ingredients are filled and managed within the same protective environment to guard against airborne dust, waste spillage, machine product cross contamination, and human error.
The donations we have received today will be directed towards developing additional education programs to ensure that maximum number of Haitian children return back to the protective environment of school through our existing international partners who are currently on the ground in Haiti.
This facility will be dedicated exclusively to the care of adult cancer patients and their families in a protective environment that provides for staff, physician, and caregiver collaboration; operational efficiency; and technological development, Patients' needs are at the heart of interior space arrangements.
If America has any case to make then it should be made in the protective environment of the UK.
These included a reconfigurable building design; wind and earthquake resistant facility; protective environment rooms; two-way nurse calling systems; centralised, spacious nurse stations; ICU with large windows for sea view and natural light; acoustic walls; highest fire resistant standards; and worldwide connectivity through telemedicine platform.
Anyone emerging from the protective environment of a university to join what looks likely to be one of the harshest job markets for some time will be in for a rude awakening this summer.