protective order

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Protective Order

A court order, direction, decree, or command to protect a person from further harassment, Service of Process, or discovery.

A protective order can limit the time and place where a deposition can be taken, restrict the inspection of documents in the possession of a party, or regulate or modify the enforcement of a judgment.

protective order

noun defense, guard against danger, order of protection, order to ensure safety, protection against a danger, refuge, safeguard, safety, sanctuary, security, shelter, shield, tempooary restraining order
Associated concepts: family law and domestic violence protective orders, restraining order
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Judge Pizzo had previously invited us to submit a proposed protective order, which we did.
At present, even when parties to a case agree among themselves to honor a protective order, the judge must protect the public interest by requiring a showing of "good cause" before information can be scaled.
You are also entitled to seek a protective order if the information sought contains trade secrets or commercial information of a confidential nature.
13] In determining whether an apex motion for protective order will be granted, many courts look to the guidelines established by the Texas Supreme Court in Crown Central Petroleum Corp.
Moreover, proposed Rule 26(c) would allow a court to deny a third party's request to lift a protective order on the grounds that parties to the suit "relied" on the secrecy agreement in making documents available in the discovery process.
Through this new statewide program, law enforcement will be able to use a victim's wallet-sized Hope Card to obtain an immediate snapshot of the protective order," said Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller.
Amen, the national president of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the U.
Diane was murdered three days after renewing her protective order against an ex-boyfriend.
Court records obtained by the Courier showed that Tamara Witt had received a preliminary protective order against her husband in Family Court a week prior to the shooting.
The couple applied for an emergency protective order against him after the bloody brawl, which means Canadian model Aubry isn't allowed to come within 100 yards of Halle, Olivier or fouryear-old Nahla.
In the video below, Pontello describes how some of the new protective order laws will apply to her agency's clients.

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