Protective Order

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Protective Order

A court order, direction, decree, or command to protect a person from further harassment, Service of Process, or discovery.

A protective order can limit the time and place where a deposition can be taken, restrict the inspection of documents in the possession of a party, or regulate or modify the enforcement of a judgment.

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But manufacturers too often abuse the privilege of protective orders, insisting on draconian provisions, the purpose of which is not to protect trade secrets from competitors but to ensure that courts and lawyers handling other similar cases do not learn of a product's defects.
Plaintiffs' Motion for a Protective Order concerning subpoenas of telephone account records is therefore denied."
OKMULGEE (JR) The Muscogee (Creek) Nation convicted its first non-Indian offender by exercising the sovereign power to prosecute domestic violence crimes and protective order violations committed against Natives in Indian Country.
However, largely on the basis of relevancy, he declined to extend a protective order allowing the defendant to withhold information.
Rather, a party seeking a protective order under any of the categories of protected materials in CPLR 3101 bears the burden of establishing any right to protection.
In the plan, Abbott also asked the Legislature to evaluate whether existing protective orders that prohibit gun possession are sufficient.
--Anonymous Testimony of the Witness: The prosecutor can seek a protective order from the court to allow the witness to testify anonymously.
(5) In the seminal case on this issue, upon striking a constitutional challenge to the entry of a protective order, the Supreme Court of Washington stated that "the effective administration of justice does not require dissemination beyond that which is needed for litigation of the case.
violence misdemeanants and persons subject to a protective order. Part
TEHRAN (FNA)- Baltimore's top prosecutor plans to seek a protective order that would block the release of Freddie Gray's autopsy report and other documents, a report said.

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