protective outfit

See: panoply
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Procurement Personal Protective Outfit Against Mechanical Risk Factors, Cold, Water, Mud, Dust.
Human responses and safe work time limits for persons wearing the US Army's Self-Contained Toxic Environment Protective Outfit (STEPO) with personal C[O.sub.2] scrubber, [O.sub.2] supply, and upper body cooling system were determined from human tests and human simulation modeling.
Study your observations to design a lightweight and flexible protective outfit for your "potato-naut."
Evolving technology has increased the protection and stay time in "Level A" protection by developing the self-contained toxic-environment protective outfit (STEPO).
Army has designed a self-contained toxic environment protective outfit (STEPO) that is rated as a Level A suit.
They also had the chance to meet the beekeeper who cares for them, and tried on his protective outfit.
She trains twice a week at the club, through a warm-up routine of running, skipping and stretching before putting on the protective outfit and sparring with Pauline in the ring.
Fears over the protective outfits, known as airline suits, were allayed when workers were told how to store and handle them properly.
But Ebola waste is more problematic because of the intense fear of the virus and the sheer amount of the waste, which could include patients' clothes, their mattresses and scores of protective outfits worn and discarded by medical workers.
The Land Forces, Naval Forces, Air Force, the Gendarmerie General Command and the Special Forces Commands all need protective outfits against nuclear-biological and chemical warfare.
Protective outfits were a luxury small farmers couldn't afford.
While the lightweight Tyvek protective outfits can provide a barrier against radioactive materials, they are not effective in blocking radiation itself.

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