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No pressure now, where once gripped her child Fiercely, protectively, no escaping.
Yoder's argument is not that one should cling protectively to one's own cultural specificity in the face of threatened assimilation but rather that one should freely offer the gifts associated with one's historical and cultural particularity in the context of engagement with other histories and cultures.
The researchers concluded, "Parents who want their children to have religious beliefs in a God who is nurturing and protectively powerful would do well to exhibit similar qualities in their relationships with their children.
A Pleiades-like cluster of dots hovered protectively (or menacingly) above the dancers; a close-up variation of this motion-capture revealed each dot to be a bird, of which dozens shaped a phantom human.
To Jordan's right, a mother stood between her daughters, her arms outstretched, resting protectively on their shoulders.
At the same time, Reagon struts amid the sludgy funk-rock of "Didn't I Tell You," a tale of devotion tucked protectively in butch bravado.
Farther up the tree-shaded trail, visitors come upon a pioneer mother protectively guarding her three children.
Mothers sat protectively on nests of newly hatched chicks.
Most of the upholstered furniture that arrives on those trucks isn't protectively packaged in boxes or crates, but rather in polybag material.
The disparate sibling blocks are united by a great flat roof that hovers protectively out over the street, like a huge hat brim.
Icons of the Pokrova, deriving from Constantinople, depicted the Virgin Mary draping her mantle protectively over towns or people.
Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus spike protein expressed by attenuated vaccinia virus protectively immunizes mice.