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The results of the study indicated gender differences in perceptions of home environment components of parental control, protectiveness, social isolation, rewards, deprivation of Privileges, rejection and permissiveness.
This book is about the role of friendship in a girl's life, how much protectiveness is too much, when is abandonment really abandonment, and the discovery that parents aren't perfect and everyone is not always as they first appear.
The protectiveness of enamel coating seems to be unaffected by the formation of new phases.
The judges said: "The picture juxtaposes the innocence of the gosling and the fierce protectiveness of the parent perfectly.
Also, sometimes a male dog's aggression and a female dog's protectiveness, behaviors that are a little less desirable, can be tempered by spaying or neutering.
Femivac(R), the immune-therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis and Trichomoniasis has shown convincing efficacy and safety profiles with sustained protectiveness and higher effectiveness compared to commonly used drugs.
The inquiry also found that protectiveness and rifts within Smith 's family had contributed to friends and neighbours not knowing that he was a growing threat to young girls.
When he read about Pte Burden, his protectiveness towards youngsters grew even more.
A close friend of Alex, whose divorce from George was finalised in March, said she was angered by his family's sudden protectiveness.
Kennedy's concern to guard her privacy was consistent and generally successful; today, her family practices the same protectiveness, posthumously.
The sun protectiveness of apparel products can be tested according to an American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) system that measures Ultraviolet Protective Factor (UPF).
Known for its fierce protectiveness of its environment and culture, the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan now has a unique place among the world's nations--it is the first to impose a nationwide ban on public smoking and the sale of tobacco products.