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Simmons) to her equally sardonic but unconditionally supportive pop and stepmom (Allison Janney), whose warmth and paternal protectiveness is hidden behind a veil of exasperation.Juno is under no illusion that sheCOs ready to be a mom, but the reality of abortion makes her queasy (making yet another American indie that supports the right to choose, and chooses to keep the child).
And even with the pilots that are in the can, there's an unusual level of protectiveness.
This book is about the role of friendship in a girl's life, how much protectiveness is too much, when is abandonment really abandonment, and the discovery that parents aren't perfect and everyone is not always as they first appear.
Dodman, a veterinary behaviorist and director of the animal behavior program at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Grafton, said Rottweilers originally were bred as herding dogs in Germany, and became prized for their protectiveness and aggressiveness.
The judges said: "The picture juxtaposes the innocence of the gosling and the fierce protectiveness of the parent perfectly.
"Bigger companies have a little more protectiveness about being the ones to do the premiere," says May.
* The sun protectiveness of apparel products can be tested according to an American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) system that measures Ultraviolet Protective Factor (UPF).
Known for its fierce protectiveness of its environment and culture, the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan now has a unique place among the world's nations--it is the first to impose a nationwide ban on public smoking and the sale of tobacco products.
It's LeRoy's own fierce protectiveness of his characters that makes Harold's End more than another story of down-and-out hustlers.
Robert Hughes, a 37-year-old father and grandfather, claims his behaviour is motivated by protectiveness towards his family - but concedes he can be intimidating to others.
The second line envelops the cabin giving a sense of protectiveness.
* Caring is a feeling that includes elements of spiritual love, protectiveness, and personal involvement.