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Born in 1865, he entered the novitiate in 1885 and, after a few years teaching in elementary schools he was assigned to the "Placing Out" Bureau of the New York Catholic Protectory. It was not long before he realized that such an institution was not the best way to prepare young city boys to be sent to rural areas where there were few Catholic families.
(50) By the time a male pickpocket reached age 15 he was just as likely to end up in the penitentiary as the House of Refuge, the Juvenile Asylum, or the Catholic Protectory. For 16 and 17 year-old males, the odds were worse: 85 percent ended up in Sing Sing.
The laws from 1882 to 1920 provided that local private reformatories, like the Protestant Episcopal House of Mercy, the Roman Catholic House of Good Shepherd, the New York Magdalen Benevolent Society, and the Jewish Protectory and Aid Society, could serve as the sites for young women's moral rehabilitation.
Archbishop, John Hughes, and the Catholic Protectory in the "moral