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I stand alone, bound to accept society and not unwilling, since in return for the taxes I pay it protects me, a weakling, against the tyranny of another stronger than I am; but I submit to its laws because I must; I do not acknowledge their justice: I do not know justice, I only know power.
Entirely surrounding us is a great salt marsh, which protects us from invasion by land, while the rugged and ofttimes vertical topography of our mountain renders the landing of hostile airships a precarious undertaking.
The government protects a nigger against a white every time.
God protects those who guard his altars," said Gaudron.
The river washes along the front of the old fort, and so protects it, but on the sides and behind there are many doors, and these had to be guarded, of course, in the old quarter as well as in that which was actually held by our troops.
He does not rigidly destroy all inferior animals, but protects during each varying season, as far as lies in his power, all his productions.
Therefore, it is urgently necessary to conquer a kingdom for each one of them, so that the French nation may be masters everywhere, so that the Guard may make the whole earth tremble, and France may spit wherever she likes, and every nation shall say to her, as it is written on my coins, "God protects you.
Immemorial to all his order, this investiture alone will adequately protect him, while employed in the peculiar functions of his office.
and has saved your life, Lieutenant- General Alison, and shall protect it the rest of his life - he's yours for a kiss
uf If so, how will this end, or how can I protect Rowena and my father?
How could such as he protect Meriem from the countless dangers of the jungle?
Thus on the one hand we have ability to protect ourselves; on the other, a victory that is complete.