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Every protege must however understand that idols have clay feet.
Mentor: Global Resource Solutions, Inc./ Protege: NetSecurity Corporation
Since then, the program has graduated 26 total Protege graduates and has helped start new businesses and drawn an economic impact of over $60 million.
Though he's a @MannyPacquiaoTR protege, Filipino southpaw and jr.
Acaylar has high praise for Carino , whom he described as his 'protege.
Mentor-focused IM tactics refer to the protege's interpersonal attraction behavior, such as praising the achievements of the mentor or taking an interest in the mentor's personal life.
Providing protection involves the mentor creating a supportive practice environment and conveying genuine interest in the protege's success.
A mentor can have a major impact on a protege's professional career and this can encourage employee engagement which consequently increases employee retention and productivity.
Informal mentoring is characterized by a shared agreement between the mentor and the protege to establish a relationship in an unstructured manner, and is based on the realization of career goals for the protege.
Broadly speaking, a mentoring relationship occurs when a more experienced, senior employee (mentor) takes an active interest in and encourages a less experienced, junior employee (protege) by providing support, direction, and feedback regarding career plans and personal development (e.g., Eby et al., 2008; Ragins and Kram, 2007).
The veteran performer falls for his protege's sister, but finds his wild lifestyle comes between them.