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The protein is the most abundant nonstructural viral protein expressed in influenza A virus-infected cells.
The recommended protein intake for sedentary people is about 0.
Some of these common structures may make a protein very stable, and thus hard to digest.
The largest protein known, titin weighs in at 3 million atomic mass units, or 3 million times the weight of a hydrogen atom.
Kinexus is poised to become a major proteomics and bioinformatics player with its focus on protein kinases and other cell signalling proteins for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
After two introductory chapters, the book first discusses sources of proteins, examining the caseins, whey, muscle and soy proteins, and proteins from oil-producing plants, cereals and seaweed.
Association of dietary protein intake and microalbuminuria in healthy adults: Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
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The NIST crystallographic studies were focused on protein engineering.
A proprietary test strip and reagent solutions have been developed such that when a 1 [mu]l protein solution is applied onto the test strip, it produces compact and symmetrical protein spots (figure 1).
The report assesses the overall protein therapeutics market, key classes, and the factors influencing their historical and future performance.
Based on the reported sequence, an ORF is present from nt 90 to 1133, and the theoretical translation of this ORF yields a protein with homology to paramyxovirus P proteins but which is shorter than reported P proteins.