protest against

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said the old man, conveying a surprising energy into his trembling voice, 'I protest against it
Bartle Massey had consented to attend the wedding at Adam's earnest request, under protest against marriage in general and the marriage of a sensible man in particular.
No, again I protest against it, little Barbara; again I protest.
To protest against nothing, my dear sir," the other interrupted.
It was as a wild protest against it that, actually addressing her--"You terrible, miserable woman
And all went well, and would have continued to go well, had not Lamai's mother, Lenerengo, just awakened, stepped across her black litter of progeny and raised her voice in shrill protest against her eldest born's introducing of one more mouth and much more nuisance into the household.
As he ran he shouted a protest against his life, against all life, against everything that makes life ugly.
Nay, I protest against your going needlessly far," said Sheriff.
I beg your pardon,' returned Eugene, with a reluctant smile, 'but will you excuse my mentioning that I always protest against being referred to the bees?
Emma assured her there would be no difficulty in the answer, and advised its being written directly, which was agreed to, in the hope of her assistance; and though Emma continued to protest against any assistance being wanted, it was in fact given in the formation of every sentence.
Like Betts, I will not decry my countrywomen, but I shall protest against the doctrine of their having ALL the beauty in the world.
George said that if it was going to make Harris eat more than Harris ordinarily ate, then he should protest against Harris having a bath at all.