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A brief summary; the minutes of a meeting; the etiquette of diplomacy.

Protocol refers to a summarized document or the minutes of a meeting that are initialed by the parties present to indicate the accuracy of the document or minutes.

Protocol is a section of the department of state that is responsible for advising the government, the president, the vice president, and the Secretary of State on matters of diplomatic procedure governed by law or international custom and practice. Protocol is the method of officially ranking or receiving government officials.


(Agreement), noun arrangement, charter, compact, concord, concordat, contract, covenant, diplooatic agreement, pact, stipulation, treaty, understanding


(Etiquette), noun behavior, ceremony, code, code of behavior, conventional practice, correct behavior, correctitude, correctness, courtesy, customs, decorum, dictates, diplomatic code, form, good behavior, good form, good manners, manners, politeness, practice, prevailing form, proper behavior, proprieties, punctilio, regulations, rules, set of rules, set of standards, system of rules
See also: bill, decorum, guide, mode, practice, procedure, rule, treaty


an addition or supplement to a treaty.

PROTOCOL, civil law, international law. A record or register. Among the Romans, protocollunt was a writing at the head of the first page of the paper used by the notaries or tabellions. Nov. 44.
     2. In France the minutes of notarial acts were formerly transcribed on registers, which were called protocols. Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. liv. 3, t. 3, c. 6, s. 1, n. 413.
     3. By the German law it signifies the minutes of any transaction. Eneye. Amer. Protocol. In the latter sense the word has of late been received into international law. Ibid.

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