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One prototypal and interesting tellurium compound that has been studied in the literature is the inorganic tellurium molecule called AS-101 [34-39, 84].
The Salala carnage was a prototypal instance of the US playing Brutus - cutting Pakistan in the back - tearing to bits its trust and certainty in its associate!
The old idea of the state and the new idea of the state may also be drawn from the two historical formulas, one of which was given by the prototypal king of yore, Louis the XIV, who said The State, It Is I, while the other was given by Frederick II, King of Prussia, who said, I am the first servant of the state.
The two robots are now available at the prototypal stage, and the present paper reports the first experiments on the motion control of the orienting device (SPM).
Arizona, which created the famous Miranda warnings, with their prototypal concern being the vulnerability of the detained individual subject to police interrogation.
But most important, if you are a lover of spas and nature, it has set itself apart (and perhaps started a new movement) with its prototypal spa concept, Spa en Vivo, located on a private hilltop in the countryside, just ten minutes from Hotel Matilda.
The Lithuanian language still retains the original sound system and morphological peculiarities of the prototypal Indo- European tongue and, therefore, is fascinating for linguistic study.
In the prototypal case of type A, where W = [S.sub.n], R is the set of all transpositions and c is an n-cycle; then NC(W) is isomorphic to the poset of noncrossing partitions of an n-gon, as introduced by Kreweras in [Kre72].
We developed a prototypal system, which has been evaluated by collecting daily television newscasts from 7 major Italian broadcasters and 95 RSS news feeds from online websites for a period of about 8 months.
Flaminio Scala's prototypal scenarios: segmenting the text/performance.
We consider techniques for combining self-descriptions from people who occupy some vocational niche, so as to describe the ideal characteristics of a prototypal member of the occupation, and delineate the requirements of the niche.