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If you wait to long in your design phase to try to get your final model, changes, if necessary, will be more complicated by several hundred entities that may be associated with each other," said Sander, who creates rapid prototyped models for the medical and defense markets and also is a former patternmaker at a metalcasting facility.
Our Diamond Standard processors have been prototyped and verified with great success on HAPS products by several of our customers and partners," stated Larry Przywara, Tensilica's director of strategic alliances.
Engineers working within integrated customer teams have designed, prototyped and tested numerous finished cast components and assemblies, demonstrating the value and efficiency of near net-shape manufacturing.
It is also very cost effective to be able to use several HAPS-31 or HAPS-32 in different, smaller projects and then put them all together when a larger design needs to be prototyped.