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A particularly illustrative passage appears in "I Apologize," a dramatic monologue that intertextualizes Robert Browning's prototypical dramatic monologue "My Last Duchess": "I'm just like the rest of the world: / No comment; no way, Jose .
Mixed-use developments with integrated living and `intelligent' designs -- such as The Met - are the prototypical examples of what we hope to accomplish.
They are prototypical of our investment objective, combining great location and strong merchants in areas with natural barriers to new competition.
The Dodgers signed Furcal, a free agent, to a three-year, $39 million contract in December believing he could be their first prototypical leadoff man in years.
But leading up to this moment was the artist's prototypical journey through the variegated possibilities of early-twentieth-century experimentation.
As a prototypical application of cardboard technology, this ingenious little building shows that a commonplace material has tantalizing potential for an economical and environmentally responsive architecture that need not literally cost the earth.
Yeung at the Department of Energy's Ames (Iowa) Laboratory and Iowa State University in Ames describe their prototypical device in the March 15 Analytical Chemistry.
Here is the prototypical good idea that is too simple for Washington's advanced political culture to accept.
The Source is the prototypical company we seek to acquire -- a high quality organization, well positioned in a strong and growing niche market and easily integrated into HA-LO's operations," Lou Weisbach, president and chief executive officer, said.
Schumer achieved this electoral success by creating a fictitious, prototypical middle class family that he consults for all of his major policy decisions.
Where's the bulldog, tough as nails persona that somehow seems to taint everyone's conception of the prototypical, if not stereotypical, corporate big gun lawyer?
Von Bonin's humor flashes into view and ripples from a prototypical, albeit vaguely dysfunctional, weapon of war, to six craftsy, quilted fabric "paintings" hung nearby.