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There can be no doubt that disgust, at both its prototypical and
It is suggested instead that compounds should be placed along a cline of prototypicality, with more prototypical cases of compounding such as apple tree at one end of this cline, and increasingly metaphorical (and metonymical) compounds such as helicopter parent or mommymoon placed further away from the prototype.
Few practices will have case-mix distributions that parallel this proposed prototypical practice.
For Herman, who readily admits that there are always gradations in what will be considered a prototypical narrative, some indication of "what it's like" is necessary to tellability, even if the other three basic elements are present (142).
This is particularly evident in the first (and best) track, Son del mareo, a picaresque portrait of the prototypical Cuban curda's joyful inventiveness: "I would wish that death/When it is going to appear/Would remember to bring/A little bit of aguardiente.
Such category members can be shown to depart from prototypical c ases in a radial manner.
a prototypical SMGP, implemented an analysis of its quality care quotient.
plans to market a home personal computer by March 1997 that will differ significantly from the prototypical square desktop machines, a Sony official said.
Dressed in Montserrat Casanova's beige, prototypical streetwear, the cast of Waterzooi is a troupe of workmanlike artists.
Ramsay, the prototypical nurturing mother and wife, is the emotional center of the book.
Their prototypical "middle atmosphere platform" sweeps the middle atmosphere and neutralizes the chlorine that destroys ozone molecules.
The Anticipated Project For This Rfp Consists Of Architectural/engineering Services For An Estimated 105,000 Square Foot, 900 Student Program Capacity, Two-story Prototypical Elementary School (site Tbd).