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The first of the two processes utilizes the affix -ka, which is prototypically used to derive forms of nouns for female referents (e.g.
Additionally, representatives of the languages express pain in using the same predominant "burning" lexical units; and therefore lead to the conclusions that the speakers prototypically conceptualize pain as burning sensation and give a universal concept that:
(3) In case-marking languages such as Croatian, Recipients prototypically appear in the dative case.
This referential device enacts prototypically the ability of demonstratives as text-deictic expressions to attract complex discourse entities and to transform the implicit focus into explicit.
The third strategy consists in the use of metaphorical expressions or the comparison with entities that are prototypically bound to a specific value judgment.
While in Dik's account new topics tend to occupy a late non-subject rather than an early clausal position (even in those languages in which the subject is prototypically initial), Givon (1989: 224), on the basis of the task urgency principle, estimates that new topics preferably surface in the earlier syntactic positions of the clause.
Thus Krampen and Hank develop the "triad of trust," a model that distinguishes between "interpersonal trust," "trust in oneself," and "trust in the future." The concept suggests an outside-inside-outside process of development: "prototypically starting in ontogenesis from the development of interpersonal trust (outside; i.e., trust in other persons), then turning into the development of trust in ones own competencies (inside; i.e., trust in oneself), and resulting in the future (outside; i.e., trust in the future not only ones own, but in the future or relatives, friends, ingroups, outgroups, society, and humanity too)" (Krampen 110).
That the sewing of a baby blanket could become the foundation for launching a lifelong career--as an abstract Simultanist painter alongside her husband, Robert Delaunay and, later, an impresario of related fabric and fashion businesses--vividly demonstrates the prototypically twentieth-century possibilities--aesthetic, familial, com-mercial--she both exploited and helped to introduce.
Cheryl Cooky, Associate Professor at Purdue University's Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies program said that the conventional wisdom is that sex sells since there is a pressure placed on the female athlete to portray a "prototypically feminine image that appeals to marketers".
It is to be sure a prototypically metatheatrical moment in Stoppard, which highlights the artificiality of ROS and GUIL's environment.
In addition to the examples mentioned, we might also want to regard the verbs in (2) as instances of symmetric predicates since they are prototypically and frequently used to describe symmetric situations.
The Parisian Vingtistes featured a dozen Pont-Aven paintings by Gauguin, among them the prototypically synthetist Green Christ (Breton Calvary) (1889).