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State Minister of Industry & Commerce, Resettlement of Protracted Displaced Persons, Co-operative Development and Vocational Training & Skills Development
People of Jammu and Kashmir wanted an early solution to the protracted issue, he added.
According to the spokesman, an oath (Great Oath of Otumfuo) was subsequently invoked against the nomination of Ofori Barack by an opposing faction, resulting in the protracted dispute.
Mr Arone said the ministry in 2014 engaged a specialist company to decontaminate and renovate the laboratory, but the company abandoned the project, which resulted in a protracted litigation.
While admitting that the meeting was protracted, Dr Ngige said all the grey areas have been addressed and that they have gotten to the end of the tunnel; assuring that the strike would soon be called off.
In its 5-2 decision Friday, the Court of Appeals said the trial judge's failure to tell the jurors that child abuse under Maryland law involves not just a serious injury to the youngster but one that is "permanent or protracted" entitles Craig Williams to a new trial.
21 -- Minister of Industry and Commerce, Resettlement of Protracted Displaced Persons & Cooperative Development Rishad Bathiudeen resumes duties at his Ministry in Colombo 3 on 20 December.
News Report Awami League kept 240 and handed out 60 seats to its allies for contesting the coming polls after protracted mathematical brainwork to make two ends meet.
The focus on OSCE's role in protracted conflicts in the area of Europe is in the top of Italy's priorities.
LAST week, Afghan ambassador to Pakistan Omar Zakhilwal weighed in on the prime minister's proposal to naturalise Pakistan-born children of protracted Afghan refugees, by asserting Afghanistan's desire to see them return.
UNITED Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grandi has described the decades-long stay of Afghan refugees in Pakistan as 'a protracted refugee crisis' and urged the world community not to forget the displaced people.
Most particularly, during a protracted refugee situation (PRS), the full character of cultural rights is not immediately clear, but in relation to refugees and displaced people--consequently resident in either urban centres or refugee camps--it is significant and should be underlined.