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They fear that the protraction of the Syrian crisis may exhaust them financially, given that Jordan is a country without sufficient resources.
And while the depth of last quarter's contraction may owe something to the Jubilee celebrations, the Chancellor needs to pull something out of his hat before long if we are to avoid a further protraction of this downturn.
He asked the question, "whether it is not a duty for Europe to ask both parties, in the most friendly and conciliatory terms, to agree to a suspension of arms for the purpose of weighing calmly the advantages of peace against the contingent gain of further bloodshed and protraction of so calamitous a war.
Pressure on the participants also was made by protraction of the negotiations of Athens with its creditors, which is worsened by the daily statements of the officials on having progress, which are not getting confirmed.
We begin with the dialectical frame of Melinda and Melinda (2005), the film some reviewers hailed for halting the decline in quality of Allen's twenty-first-century films and others regarded as a protraction of that descent.
Kilcullen argues that Al Qaeda uses "the same standard four tactics (provocation, intimidation, protraction, and exhaustion) used by all insurgents in history" on a global scale against the United States and its allies.
The shoulder must be eased forward into protraction and the arm relatively extended and supported on a pillow.
Although the installation as a device has become generally, often painfully, cliche (a protraction of a 1980s fizzled art-world apocalypse, an endless reiteration of a by-now-superfluous deconstruction of sculptural presence and an instant formula for the look of art-school work) Harrow delves below the surface of this overused format and, by implying its indispensability to his ontological investigations of the ceramic object, revives the installation's heuristic potential.
If an action is delayed or prone to detainment, a servicer should know why, and be armed to factor that protraction into any settlement strategy or possible sale of the asset.
Other alternatives, such as arbitration on a state-to-state basis, were, although viable, prone to protraction beyond the time-sensitive ARRA's mandate.
In particular, although the building control authorities had prohibited, in July 2002, the use of the fl at as a computer club, their decision had never been enforced, partly as a result of the two decisions by the Sofia City Court to suspend its enforcement and the inordinate protraction of the proceedings before that court, the European court said.
californica, ingestion and egestion feeding behavior are 2 types of motor activities shown to be controlled by APGW-amide, both of which are modulated by 2 sets of radula movements: protraction retraction and opening-closing movements (Jing & Weiss 2001).