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Yanx et al analyzed the bio mechanical effects on the cranio maxillary complex of bone during maxillary protraction.
Correlation between skeletal changes by maxillary protraction and upper airway dimensions.
Also Myers et al (2005) showed in a study with 21 overhead athletes, that at the scapular plane these athletes presented a scapula in upward rotation, protraction and anterior tilt.
Skeletal Changes of Maxillary Protraction in Patients Exhibiting Skeletal Class III Malocclusion: A Comparison of Three Skeletal Maturation Groups.
The subjects were then asked to move their shoulder complex through four different motions: elevation, depression, protraction, and retraction.
2) The first test, Centric Relation Protraction Test, is a structural assessment test.
Biomechanics of maxillary expansion and protraction in Class III patients.
If suprascapular nerve entrapment is suspected, this nerve may be placed under tension in scapular depression and protraction combined with horizontal flexion.
Similarly, they milk significant situational humor via understatement and the protraction of odd or uncomfortable circumstances, even to the point of generating chuckles from the difficulty of capturing the towering Pazos and the squat Pascual in the same frame ill an elevator scene.
1998), controlling protraction from, and retraction into, the shell.
Meanwhile, the unexpected protraction of the struggle intensified calls for a complete reorganisation of British educational and industrial life and gave rise to that peculiar Edwardian imperialist soul-searching encapsulated under the catchphrase National Efficiency.