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Coronary stenting for aorto-ostial stenosis is usually required to protrude into the aorta by only 1-2 mm for complete stenosis coverage, while it is technically difficult to have repeat intervention for aorto-ostial ISR, with regard to catheter engagement and guidewire placement,[1] and associated with an increased risk of peri-procedural complications.[2] This is extremely difficult when it comes to a stent excessively protruding into the aorta, as presented in our case.
Obviously, we needed the pins to penetrate all the way to the bottom side and protrude so they could be properly soldered using wave or
But sometimes the lower jaw can protrude further than the upper one and this is described as "undershot".
There is a small operation to make the nipple protrude. But it can affect breast feeding and is not available on the NHS.
The steps have been constructed so that, at the front edge of the top steps, there are small inserts in between each paving slab that protrude above the level of the walking surface.
The tiny 17 millimetre long transparent fish has developed a jaw with what looks like true teeth which protrude through the skin.
They also have tiny, halfinchclaws that protrude out above the nubs but nestle close to their bellies nearthe anus.
These proteins are necessary for the proper functioning of organelles called cilia that protrude from kidney cells.
Let the screws protrude enough for the keyholes to slide over them.
thick depending on requirements and on how far the fibers protrude from the part surface.
Mawarni was born with a birth defect called an encephalocele--basically, a hole in her skull that allowed brain membranes to protrude and form a large bulge above her nose.
Much work remains to be done on the building--electric cables and water pipes still protrude from ceilings waiting to be covered up, bathroom fixtures have yet to be installed, staircases await their banisters, and the elevators are not yet operational.