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from the open-ended slot or via-loaded metal patch, the [S.sub.11] curves for proposed antenna with and without open-ended slot, via loaded metal patch or protrudent stub are presented in Figure 4.
MML 208 may be included within Ornithurae because it shows the presence of a well developed procoracoidal process, a concave scapular cotyla, a deep and concave sulcus for the triosseal canal, and a laterally protrudent humeral articular surface (LONGRICH, 2008; present paper).
douglasii rather than to similarly sized species of Odontophorinae (Colinus virginianus, Callipepla gambelii, Callipepla squamata) because of these characters: Tuberculum supracondylare ventrale large and ventrally protrudent; Sulcus musculo humerotricipitis deep; Processus flexorius large.