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Here were the great males towering in all the majesty of their imposing height; here were the gleaming white tusks protruding from their massive lower jaws to a point near the centre of their foreheads, the laterally placed, protruding eyes with which they could look forward or backward, or to either side without turning their heads, here the strange antennae-like ears rising from the tops of their foreheads; and the additional pair of arms extending from midway between the shoulders and the hips.
One of the saplings of the roof, protruding beyond the palm leaf thatch, caught his attention.
There was a sudden twang as the brown fingers released their hold, and without a sound the raider sank forward upon his face, a wooden shaft transfixing his heart and protruding a foot from his black chest.
As they stood debating with many angry shouts and much gesticulating, one of the Arabs sank silently to the ground in their very midst--a thin arrow protruding from his heart.
He stumbled on a few steps, a little black snake crept out of its bed of mud, and looked at him with yellow eyes protruding from its upraised head.
On the little finger of each hand, thickly encrusted with dirt, was a diamond ring, on his thick, protruding lips a complacent smile.
RENALA KHURD -- An 11-year-old boy was killed after he was hit by a protruding part of a moving wheat thrasher in a nearby village on Monday.
An antlered deer is now defined as any male or female deer with an antler protruding above its hairline.
His son, Wivelle Estemar, 32, survived by holding onto a rock protruding in the water, he added.
THE Supreme Court has called for strict implementation of the ban on trucks and trailers with iron rods or pipes dangerously protruding out, and strict action against those trucks that are illegally parked in the middle of roads.
The parts of the pin protruding from the solder joint could then be dealt with the same way as any other soldered through-hole pins.
Inspector Fred Armstrong said: "This dog was very emaciated and had bones protruding.