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This cross sectional study comprised 50 subjects having bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion on class I skeletal pattern.
Users of the 60mm mortar will need to have the firing pin protrusion checked by support.
Any advice on removing and replacing the firing pin will be much appreciated--especially regarding avoiding the firing-pin protrusion problem.
The following parameters acquired by MDCT were analyzed: diameters of extraocular muscles (muscle width and thickness), unilateral or bilateral affection of extraocular muscles (in relation to muscle width and thickness), length of interzygomatic line, distance between interzygomatic line, bulbar front polarity (globe protrusion, GPR) and volume of retrobulbar space.
The intravesical prostatic protrusion may not be present in all cases of benign prostatic hypertrophy and hence cannot be accomplished as a single non-invasive measure for assessing the severity of Bladder outlet obstruction due to Benign prostatic hypertrophy.
A male miniature beagle dog was presented with history of permanent protrusion of left third eyelid gland and also protrusion of third eyelid gland in the right eye at the time of excitement.
I have run into a problem with the firing pin protrusion on a Kar 98k bolt.
There's really no way to calibrate the CCMCK firing pin protrusion gage, so the answer is no.
THE Darley Irish Oaks was delayed by 21 minutes due to leading fancy Volume having a protrusion from her shoes that is illegal in Irish racing.
Introduccion: La protrusion bimaxilar es una condicion en la que los incisivos mandibulares y maxilares protruyen de manera severa ocasionando una incompetencia labial y el perfil facial convexo.
Super-protruding vacuum skin pack (High protrusion above the flange)