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Keller, "Neural tube closure in Xenopus laevis involves medial migration, directed protrusive activity, cell intercalation and convergent extension," Development, vol.
The actin-bundling protein fascin stabilizes actin in invadopodia and potentiates protrusive invasion.
Restoration of the dentition to such an altered occlusal plane can introduce posterior protrusive interferences.
The patient presented with a class 1 occlusion with anterior guidance on protrusive movement without posterior contact, canine guided occlusion on right excursion and group function occlusion on the left.
Shot in 3-D on smartphones and GoPro cameras, Adieu employs the extra dimension not, as one might expect from the cantankerous Godard, to mock the post-Avatar mania for the gimmick--"What they call images are becoming the murder of the present," he pronounces in the film--but to pay homage to cinema's past and to use 3-D's protrusive illusionism to amplify the everyday splendor on which the director has long doted: nighttime traffic, fields of flowers, bucolic lakeshores.
Temporal bone adaptations in response to protrusive function in juvenile and young adult rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta).
Analisis funcional: El trayecto mandibular desde la posicion de reposo a oclusion (1) se observo en dos fases: borde a borde y despues deslizamiento anterior a protrusive con mordida cruzada anterior.
Lucocq, "Dendritic cell podosomes are protrusive and invade the extracellular matrix using metalloproteinase MMP-14," Journal of Cell Science, vol.
The examination emphasized the fact that protrusive negativism was activated regardless of the trigger and that difficulties in attaining aims were possibly also caused by neuropsychologically founded experiential learning capacity reduction.
In this study, two loading conditions were tested on each FE model: a vertical load on the incisal edge of the midline to simulate vertical loading while biting and lingual loading from the labial surface of the teeth to simulate protrusive jaw movement during mastication.
Zhou, "Friction-induced nanofabrication method to produce protrusive nanostructures on quartz," Nanoscale Research Letters, vol.