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Her features are pleasing, her forehead high and protuberant, and her face round and full with languishing black eyes placed with the peculiar obliquity of the outer angle, which characterizes the Mongolian variety of the human race.
Concerning coverage, it's not the lost weight that matters, it is whether or not you have a protuberant excess skin around the abdominal area, and I have not enough protuberance and therefore there is no coverage for me .
The thick, protuberant red glaze appeared for the first time in tiles for Sulieman's complex of mosques and palaces, completed in 1557.
But while seated, pregnant women should use a seatbelt "low on the hipbones, between the protuberant abdomen and pelvis.
This sarcophagus takes a human shape, consisting of a basin, a lid and a protuberant shelf all around the edges of the basin.
11) In this case, the lesion was described as protuberant, hard, gray, and unencapsulated, very different than the gross appearance of the lesions that affected the merganser we described.
Eyes: eight heterogeneous eyes; AME largest and moderately protuberant; ALE and PLE protuberant and juxtaposed, secondary eyes with tapetum; two spines between AME (Figs.
For pulp 2, it is asymmetrical and slightly protuberant in the lower MW region, which indicates the presence of a higher low MW content.
She saw a protuberant median cubital vein with high productivity potential.
The technique involves removing a "V" from the most protuberant portion of each labium, then precisely suturing the ends together to give a normal and natural appearance with virtually no scars.
Mark Osborne and John Stevenson's computer-animated comedy wins us over instantly with its loveable characters and affection for martial arts cliches, as the overweight hero discovers his inner strength somewhere within that protuberant, growling belly.
In one poem, a man "has an Adam's apple/So protuberant it's conducting a flirtation/ With deformity.