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While in view of their admiring comrades, the same proud front and ordered array was observed, until the notes of their fifes growing fainter in distance, the forest at length appeared to swallow up the living mass which had slowly entered its bosom.
Then the leopards got proud too and said they wouldn't help.
said the proud Templar, springing up, ``thou shalt not thus impose on me if I renounce present fame and future ambition, I renounce it for thy sake, and we will escape in company.
What is written on it is long ago forgotten, and yet how proud it is
If he only knew that you had felt that impulse, it would make him so proud and happy.
He and the rest of them are worthy fellows, dearest--that I do not doubt-- but they are also proud, very proud.
If I may so express it, he has a RIGHT to be proud.
She is proud in her own way--a somewhat different way from mine.
The heritage of a kingly mind, And a proud spirit which hath striven Triumphantly with human kind.
Well," said Anne, "I certainly am proud, too proud to enjoy a welcome which depends so entirely upon place.
Tell your mother that we shall be proud and honoured if she will favour us with her company," said Athelny.
She accordingly got two pieces of "homespun" (jeans) and sewed them together, and I was soon the proud possessor of my first cap.