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All other countries fly their flag proudly no matter what the population mix, so let's see England do the same.
At least 200 Bowburn residents and children marched proudly with their new banners in the parade accompanied by the Shepherd Building Group Brass Band.
Vassar said, "Our Corporate Marketing Group, and this new Southern Wine & Spirits of America On Premise promotion is reflective of Southern's single-minded focus on, and our industry-leading commitment to, serving and sharing with our supplier partners as well as our on- and off-premise Accounts the most successful strategic and tactical marketing programs we have already successfully developed in the growing number of markets we proudly serve.
This historical step downward in America's values illustrated by using a currently active criminal to proudly promote consumer products is being allowed to happen for the same reason a frog will stay in a slowly warming pan of water until it boils itself alive: It's gradual.
There are a lot of people who support the old seal and want to proudly display it on their lapel.
today proudly announced its participation in the Urban Education Partnership (UEP).
CANYON COUNTRY - Nick Miller, 12, proudly patted the ``I Voted'' sticker on his chest Monday as he walked under a red, white and blue balloon arch near two voting booths fashioned out of cardboard boxes.
Phil Watkins, product inventor and CEO of PacWind, proudly exalts, "With R&D, and testing, behind us, PacWind is now offering this sleek design (Delta I) to the public in large scale production, with several other greatly needed designs soon to follow.
Now, after undergoing risky surgery, spending a month in intensive care and following up with weeks of radiation treatments, Gina proudly tells of her two clean MRI scans.
The Ghanaian Association of South Florida (GASF) proudly presents the 2nd Annual Ghanafest in South Florida
Ryan proudly displayed one in the front window of her home in the 1998 movie ``Saving Private Ryan.
The Gold Team Proudly Reports Its First Gold Revenue/Sale This Week After Seven Months of Exploration and Development of PAIM's Binasan Mine Site Operation Cagayan de Oro