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It is with a sense of immense proudness that Andy is able to announce this noteworthy upward trend in installation of active blue roofs.
Mohammed Bubshait expressed his delight and proudness to have won this award besides top executives, leaders and decision-makers who worked hard to accomplish excellence in leadership initiatives, citing the TRA's persistent pursuit and accomplishment of its mission, goals to develop and boost the telecommunications sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain and attaining excellent levels in all arenas of the IT and telecommunications sector and achieving the aspirations of the leadership.
We will always love you - Kelly and Sonny xxx COOK Derek I tucked you in and kissed you, And felt a love so true, Saw the proudness in your eyes And felt the same way too, I told you that I loved you, You said you loved me too, Then shouted out with your last words To make sure that I knew, I know your body's gone now, I long to kiss your face, But now you're with me all the time And that's a better place.
It is with a heavy heart but also with extreme proudness that I am posting this update .