prove false

References in classic literature ?
In it the poet invokes Athena to protect certain potters and their craft, if they will, according to promise, give him a reward for his song; if they prove false, malignant gnomes are invoked to wreck the kiln and hurt the potters.
You conveniently forget when your dreams and your presentiments prove false.
These thirty years Luigi's countess hath not been seen by any [he] in all this land, and many whisper that she pines in the dungeons of the castle for that she will not wed with Leonardo, saying her dear lord still liveth and that she will die ere she prove false to him.
If the fellow should prove false it would profit Gahan nothing to slay him, since without his guidance the red man might never hope to retrace his way to the tower and freedom.
Much of the content of her speech was the usual mishmash of old smears against Jeremy Corbyn, dodgy claims about the Tory record and what are likely to prove false promises.
He said the sham elections have once again unfolded the evil designs of proIndia politicians and the time is not far when all their claims and promises would prove false.
A scientist will test many hypotheses that prove false for each one that proves true.
Hotel ChelseaThe Chetrit Group has filed motions to evict 10 longtime tenants from the Hotel Chelsea, DNAinfo reported, confirming fears that the owners' statements upon purchasing the hotel, which indicated tenants would be allowed to stay, would prove false.
Most "discoveries" prove false, but real ones still occasionally turn up.
Analyst Chaplin said "Both reasons should prove false.
But LeRoy's impassioned analysis shows that companies are not following through on their end of the deal; in fact, companies frequently downsize or outsource after getting subsidies, and promised revenue increases often prove false or exaggerated.
Using hi-tech systems which allow staff to download reams of evidence from mobile phones or home computers, which has already been deployed to help prove false statements made at a holiday timeshare presentations.