prove inadequate

See: fail, lose
References in classic literature ?
He could see that the men who composed it were much excited, and fearing lest Chulk's disguise should prove inadequate to the concealment of his true identity in the face of so many observers, he commanded the ape to betake himself to the far end of the village, and there await him.
The report said these measures could prove inadequate.
When Rumpelstiltskin, TV detective Columbo, and Luke and Leia prove inadequate, a profane corgi-caterpillar-mix named Fred leaps in as their most valuable ally.
Maxwell points out that these people don't know the joy of finishing, their self-esteem erodes because they* prove inadequate, they sabotage their own success, and they lose the trust and respect of others.
The application probably should be refused anyway as it seems wholly unsuitable for the location to me, but if it goes through it ought to be on condition of the most rigorous of soundproofing standards being incorporated into the build and if these are demonstrably not met, and prove inadequate to protect the occupants from potential noise nuisance from the Electric and elsewhere, the buck should stop with the apartment developers and not the Electric.
Many families are presently living in substandard and flood-prone accommodation which will prove inadequate as temperatures fall and precipitation rises.
Parameter now provides back-up stability storage to businesses whose own stability-storage facilities prove inadequate because of space constraints, disastrous weather conditions such as flooding or tornadoes, or electrical failures.
The rationale is that as problems, and presumably solutions to them, are increasingly at the global scale, economic models developed for lesser scales will prove inadequate.
The dollar did get an early boost against most foreign currencies yesterday - but US treasuries rose on speculation that Geithner's plan to rescue the banking system would prove inadequate, boosting demand for the safety of government debt.
Most recently, an Alaska trial court ruled that plaintiffs had failed to prove inadequate school funding in that state, holding only that more state oversight over how some districts spent their money was needed.
But the Tories said the measures would prove inadequate because only one in five applications would be checked.