prove the contrary

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I will prove the contrary in a moment," cries the clerk: "if my father dies seized of a right; do you mind me, seized of a right, I say; doth not that right descend to his son; and doth not one right descend as well as another?
I did not think," he added, "that oars of wood could behave better than ours, but yonder oarsmen prove the contrary.
Now, Ma,' said Bella, reappearing in the kitchen with some remains of a blush, 'you and Lavvy think magnificent me fit for nothing, but I intend to prove the contrary.
We were able to prove the contrary, and that proof we are ready to give to your majesty, calling in support of it the august widow weeping in the Louvre, where your royal munificence has provided for her a home.
Though Ian Smith claims so hard in his book that black Zimbabweans were not oppressed, and that he has abounding respect for black people, yet his words and actions prove the contrary.
And the Court must know (as most state legislatures banning this procedure have concluded) that demanding a "health exception"-which requires the abortionist to assure himself that, in his expert medical judgment, this method is, in the case at hand, marginally safer than others (how can one prove the contrary beyond a reasonable doubt?
Also, it shall not be permissible to the carrier to prove the contrary of what is stated in the bill of lading against third parties including the consignee of the goods who is acting in good faith.
An econometric article by Erik Meyersson ("Islamic Rule and the Empowerment of the Poor and Pious," Econometrica, January 2014) tries to prove the contrary using regression discontinuity, a method that enables researchers to estimate causal effects.
But regardless where you stand, and whether you like it or not, Morsi's trial is 100% political, despite all the efforts exerted to prove the contrary.
She added that the kingdom's success in restoring security and stability has exposed the real intentions of some parties, and therefore, they are trying to prove the contrary in order to be able to achieve their pure political agendas which, she said, have nothing to do with reform, stressing that "reform and security" are the main demands of every Bahraini citizen and there are special and legitimate channels where they can be made.
It is very sad news and the government of South Sudan at all levels must clean its face quickly to prove the contrary in the field of human rights and specially allow the press freedom.
MONTREAL Beijing's envoy to Canada on Saturday denied that Chinese companies were involved in industrial espionage, and challenged anyone to prove the contrary.