prove the contrary

References in classic literature ?
"I will prove the contrary in a moment," cries the clerk: "if my father dies seized of a right; do you mind me, seized of a right, I say; doth not that right descend to his son; and doth not one right descend as well as another?"
I did not think," he added, "that oars of wood could behave better than ours, but yonder oarsmen prove the contrary."
'Now, Ma,' said Bella, reappearing in the kitchen with some remains of a blush, 'you and Lavvy think magnificent me fit for nothing, but I intend to prove the contrary. I mean to be Cook today.'
We were able to prove the contrary, and that proof we are ready to give to your majesty, calling in support of it the august widow weeping in the Louvre, where your royal munificence has provided for her a home.
But I am an instance to prove the contrary, For I tell thee I am damn'd and now in hell.
He even challenged TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu to prove the contrary or resign to his position.
(If there is enough evidence to prove the contrary, cases will be filed.
Qureshi, who is in defending the DPP's decision to prosecute the DCJ, said none of her lawyers introduced 'killer points' to prove the contrary.
The onus is on anyone who doubts this verifiable information to prove the contrary with credible evidence.
An adult male is presumed to have normal powers of virility and the burden of evidence to prove the contrary rests upon him who claims otherwise.
He confirmed that Egypt has dealt with transparency and positivity toward the negotiations and reaching a consensus among the three countries, and "any attempts to prove the contrary are deviations from the truth regarding the main reason behind hindering the talks." Shoukry denied allegations that Egypt "hindered" an agreement on the dam from being concluded during the last round of negotiations held in Khartoum.
Though Ian Smith claims so hard in his book that black Zimbabweans were not oppressed, and that he has abounding respect for black people, yet his words and actions prove the contrary. He enjoys the "high kill-rate" his soldiers inflicted on the African freedom fighters who fought against his government for their independence.