prove unreliable

See: fail, neglect
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Such estimates are likely to prove unreliable, but they don't include a second revenue stream: taxes on income from growing, processing, distributing and selling marijuana.
In the second half, as the Feds prove unreliable and the gangsters begin to turn nasty, John has finally had enough.
Nothing is consistent today, and people you thought trustworthy may prove unreliable.
A literal interpretation of that form entitles her to respect now she is dropped in grade, but that contest was run at a steady early gallop and they all finished in a bit of a heap, so the bare form could prove unreliable.
Most forecasters no longer provide longer term weather reports because they can prove unreliable.
While the Company believes that the resource estimates included in this press release are well established, by their nature resource estimates are imprecise and depend, to a certain extent upon statistical inferences which may ultimately prove unreliable.
Information or tickets can be received late, flights changed, or cars prove unreliable.
John Robert Hudson's claim is that a child's "early memories" can prove unreliable in court.
These traditional file-sharing protocols were designed to share files over a local network, but perform poorly and prove unreliable in a WAN setting.
Frado's relation to home can only come from her ability to exchange labor for housing or from dependence on her husband, but both her body and her husband prove unreliable sources of support.
Here as elsewhere, signs of identity prove unreliable.
In recent years, merchants had less reasons to be concerned about sheets that might prove unreliable when used in the home.