prove unsatisfactory

See: fail, lose
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If your test results prove unsatisfactory the company gives clear guidance as what to do to improve your LEV system in line with the regulations required.
While one can reasonably test-drive a car and replace it with a better one should the test-drive prove unsatisfactory, it is plainly dehumanizing to both spouses to allow for a test-run, through a first marriage, and then grant the possibility of a replacement of spouses should the test fail," said Villegas.
One source told Reuters that an IPO remained an option and could be OEP's next move if the bids prove unsatisfactory.
The only difference would be that if the direct award of contracts should prove unsatisfactory from the standpoint of the quality of services, the contract should then automatically be the subject of a tender procedure on its expiry.
In future it will require an Act of Parliament at Westminster rather than a referendum for Birmingham to change the mayoral system should it prove unsatisfactory.
He reminded that there is an inspection mission coming to Romania in December and if the results prove unsatisfactory, then Schengen accession might be delayed until October 2011.
The mathematical scheme would not only prove unsatisfactory on a practical level, it probably would not be much fun.
Either route could prove unsatisfactory, but so is the current position, where amenities for deprived and isolated parts of Wales are being lost at a rate of knots.
Should this prove unsatisfactory, it will be diverted offline for detailed examination, and perhaps removal at Level 3.
The contract between a recruitment agency and clients must include a procedure to be followed where workers supplied prove unsatisfactory.
But all these efforts prove unsatisfactory until Connors discovers that he might have an opportunity to do some good for others.