prove useless

See: fail, lose
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Anise says, "What's offensive is that Stewart, the one who's supposed to be the actual lawyer, is portrayed as being a bungling idiot who never leaves home without his index cards, which prove useless anyway.
Questioning timings of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's trip to Saudi Arabia, he said that the PM was not interested in democracy, adding that Nawaz Sharif's visit will prove useless.
While commending of the government's role to put regulations for coal-fired plants, as well as parameters for the automotive and transportation sector, these prove useless, Gelfand said, because performance standard checks will only take effect in July 2015.
Even if his words prove useless, Bledsoe does now own a vineyard, which has to help.
Conventional ground based methods prove useless at heights over 100m due to reach issues, necessitating an investment in rotary assets for rapid response to avoid substantial damages and loss of life in case of disaster.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Afghan Vice-President Karim Khalili underlined that only Afghan groups should be present in the peace talks being held in the country, and cautioned that a peace negotiation gifted by the foreign countries will produce no result and prove useless.
I am tempted, however, to say the author will despair with Plato and Hobbes that all his efforts will prove useless unless someone takes his book in hand.
Many traditional treatments prove useless as some bugs have become resilient to the chemicals used, leaving parents with little alternative than to scrape a painful lice comb through their kids' hair several times.
The brain bender teams up with the California Bureau of Investigations once again, when years of police training, education and expensive technology all prove useless in the search for a double murder suspect.
Yet, as with any conflict, all of the United States' clout will prove useless unless the parties involved have the desire to move ahead.
However, face masks could prove useless as your breath makes them damp and the virus can seep in
And May's attempts to give Mr Brazendale the cold shoulder prove useless when he woos her back with the offer of a beautiful apartment to live in, plus diamonds.