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4 : to test by experiment or by a standard <Tests proved that the vaccine is effective.
However, in work that astonished the mathematicians of his day, the Russian-born Georg Cantor proved in 1873 that the real numbers (all the numbers that make up the number line) form a bigger infinity than the counting numbers do.
During the prove, the volume of both the calibrated master meter and the field meter being proved can be measured precisely during the prove cycle, using pulse interpolation as described in API Chapter 4, Section 6 Pulse Interpolation.
Of course, Galileo proved no such thing, although he certainly tried.
And, of course, it can be proved that two plus two is four (proved, that is, with the aid of the whole of math, as I said, though in the case of two plus two, of course we do not need the whole of math to prove that it is four).
Nasdaq: NGAS) today announced that its year-end 2006 proved reserves increased 34.
Amazingly, more than a hundred years ago, mathematicians proved that every closed surface in space is simply some version of a sphere, a doughnut surface--which they call a torus--or a torus with extra holes.
19] In this case, there was no reliable evidence that proved Stanley was involved in the illegal attempt to distribute the cocaine.
Abraxas' independent reservoir engineering firm, DeGolyer and MacNaughton, estimated total proved oil and natural gas reserves of 99 Bcfe as of December 31, 2006, a 6% decrease from December 31, 2005.
No one has yet proved the conjecture, but a researcher in Germany has now verified that all even numbers up to 4 x [10.
While TPIs proved valuable in the successful resolution of the Freemen siege, crisis managers and negotiators should understand that using TPIs in all hostage or barricade situations remains uncertain and should not be considered a panacea for these types of incidents.
NASDAQ:GMET) today announced 2006 year end proved reserves; preliminary 2006 gas sales volumes; estimated 2007 gas sales volumes; current capital spending plans for 2007; and the engagement of a financial advisor to evaluate and advise as to strategic alternatives.