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First, Hyperion is a trusted and proven name. We were recently acquired and had just begun a comparison of vendor products.
Rust-Oleum is casting a line to reach these customers and hopes its proven name in DIY and heritage in corrosion protection will bring customers to supercenters, hardware shops and DIY outlets for their marine coatings needs.
Obviously, an artist with proven name recognition and consumer acceptance is going to generate more sales and may be able to command a higher royalty.
"There hasn't been any real proven name in the category, so we have a leg up." Lifetime has had the Cuisinart license for almost two years, for which it already has collections in cutlery, cutting boards, dinnerware, flatware and pantryware.
Pari Gallery general manager Salman Abdul Rahim said, "Pari Gallery is a proven name in luxury and fashion retailing.
"Absolutely," agreed Breen on the need for a proven name to come in to the RSC.
Then off to Motherwell in the Cup, a Andrew Considine have been part of arguably the best defence in the league this season and Ryan Jack, a proven name at Under-21 level, has been overlooked.
Featuring FR coveralls, work wear, outer wear and more, the Tarasafe molten metal line brings a proven name in protective apparel.Molten Metal Protection is highly engineered garments blend with a super-soft, lightweight feel and flexibility.
Maverick, on the other hand, is a small electrics supplier that wants to enter the hotly competitive, $1 billion-plus cookware market and does not have a proven name in that category.
The Japanese want a proven name to lead their team into the 2002 World Cup, which they will co-host with South Korea.
Already a proven name in the mainstream, it is in independent, low-budget films such as The Opposite Of Sex that Christina is beginning to shine.
Penney placed a proven name on its selling floor, it has placed patterns that have strong track records.