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With a stronger and proven name in the market, a new joint physical setup, owned vessels and an increase in traders in both offices, ENDOFA projects 2014 will generate a turnover of USD 350 mio.
Then off to Motherwell in the Cup, a Andrew Considine have been part of arguably the best defence in the league this season and Ryan Jack, a proven name at Under-21 level, has been overlooked.
Absolutely," agreed Breen on the need for a proven name to come in to the RSC.
Homestar, a proven name you can trust, with over 100 years of combined new construction, repair and remodeling experience, plus multiple local and regional locations nationwide, is headquartered in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, and has already deployed a team of 23 repair specialists to the most critically-affected areas.
Salman Abdul Rahim, General Manager at Pari Gallery said: Pari Gallery is a proven name in luxury and fashion retailing.
Pari Gallery general manager Salman Abdul Rahim said, "Pari Gallery is a proven name in luxury and fashion retailing.
There hasn't been any real proven name in the category, so we have a leg up.
He would like a proven name to sell to fans, but someone with the patience to see through a five-year rebuilding program.
Rust-Oleum is casting a line to reach these customers and hopes its proven name in DIY and heritage in corrosion protection will bring customers to supercenters, hardware shops and DIY outlets for their marine coatings needs.
XenSource has quickly become a proven name in virtualization, and was the clear choice for NEC when it came to a provider that could help us deliver a virtualization solution to our customers," said Katsumi Inoue, General Manager, 2nd Computer Software Division, NEC Corporation.
With the launch, South Dakotans have a proven name in car insurance at their service.
Already a proven name in the mainstream, it is in independent, low-budget films such as The Opposite Of Sex that Christina is beginning to shine.